When to Hire an Interior Designer

October 13, 2016

Times to hire an interior designer are:

  • hire an interior designer to remodelAre you building a new home? Want something different than everyone else in the neighborhood?  Hire an interior designer to assist in putting your touch on the home.  I’ve worked with clients from the ground up assisting them to select exterior finishes, foundation, roof, lighting, and colors as well as all interior finishes.  Interior needs are usually flooring, cabinetry, hardware, countertops, lighting, paint/wallpaper, and ceramic tile selections both for flooring, shower and backsplash.   I’ve just completed working on one home and I’m starting two more.  One client is a contractor and she will place the home on the market for sale when completed.  The other client is building their retirement home.  If you would like to be next, it is time to hire an interior designer.
  • How about downsizing? I work with clients to determine what pieces will fit into the new home in their retirement community and what furniture pieces, if anything, they may need to purchase for the new home. Space plans are sooooooo important for this stage of life.  You want to keep those special pieces, but don’t want the new home to look cluttered. Helping you decide what to do with furnishings left over and even staging of the current home for resale is part of what I do. We can space plan your new space, stage your former and list it for sale, too.  I also own a real estate firm.  You should really consider this when planning to hire an interior designer
  • hire an interior designer for bathroomPerhaps you’ve been in your home 10 plus years and it is now time to update the look. What can be done with the least amount of money for the greatest impact?  Hire an interior designer! It may be only color changes, but wow what a difference that can make. How about getting rid of all those valances that were in style years back and get those accent drapes that you’ve been dreaming about.  If it has been even longer, you may need new countertops, new flooring, kitchen or bath renovations.  It can be as small (or large )of an adventure as you desire.  It is not something to tackle alone.  Hire some help!
  • Your home has just become a little too jumbled and you just don’t know what to do, call me to assist you. We can do a space plan with the large furnishings and then determine what is really important to you as we clear the clutter to make your home a relaxing place to live once again.  This can happen to you whether you live with family/pets or you live alone.  We all might tend to hoard just a little when we live alone and as we get older.

I recently experience this in my own home.  During a holiday when both my husband and I were home, I decided it is time to make some decisions. We have built-in cabinets/shelves with glass in the dining room of our historic home.  You KNOW how you’ve inherited those prized possessions from your relatives and then people you love give you things that made them think of you.  You now have ALL THIS plus what you collected yourself.  It has begun to look like junk.  We took the time to touch each collectible piece and ask ourselves “do we love it?” “Does it need to go somewhere else in our home?”  “Is it time for it to go away completely?”  I NOW LOVE MY DINING ROOM!  Each piece shows up against the mirrored background.  There is space around each item and I appreciate the things we’ve kept.  Sometimes some cleared space may be all your home needs.

  • All the kids have gone away! It’s time to determine how you want to live in your home again.  Do you keep all those rooms as guest rooms or is it time for an office and a workout space or project room?  Let someone from the outside help you to review what your priorities are now and bring it to its fullness of life once again.

Is it time to hire an interior designer now?   We’re ready and waiting for your call.  Call us at 919-644-1933!

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