Interior Design

interior design lightSo what is interior design anyway?    Let’s begin with the basics according to Merriam-Webster:

Interior design is the art or job of planning how a room or building should be furnished or decorated.

That’s what a good interior designer or decorator actually does for you.  We first of all LISTEN to the client, and the client’s idea of the “stage to be created.”   We make notes and start to envision the space.  As interior designers, we help you to make those difficult decisions that you have pondered over as you perhaps sat stuck in indecision, sometimes even for years.

Interior Design Process

Providing interior design services means making / creating / executing / constructing / following plans.  Clients’ thoughts / ideas / plans are actually recorded.  Interior designers assist you in determining if your vision can be reality and if so how.  If those design ideas won’t work in your particular home, we provide you with plans that will work.  There are so very many decisions to make, but you have to start somewhere.

interior design bedroom pillowsLet’s use a pillow as an example.  Do you know how many steps there are to create a lumbar pillow with 3 fabrics and a trim?

  • Determining what fabrics to use
  • Determining the amount of each fabric and trim needed
  • Pricing the job
  • Ordering the fabric and trim
  • Receiving the fabric and trim
  • Writing the instructions for the work-order
  • Creating the sketch
  • Delivering the sketch to the workroom
  • Picking up and delivering the order

This is the process for only one little pillow and I didn’t even mention the decision making and time it takes to select those three fabrics and the trim.  Can you image the steps needed to accomplish an entire room or house for that matter?

Interior Design by Vickie

interior design fabricsThose who are without the “eye” are most often lost in time, thinking about interior design, yet achieving nothing.  Those with the “eye” for space, color, and design can assist you in dropping those ideas that won’t work and providing interior design plans that will work.  Sometimes this can be achieved in a matter of hours.  Designers KNOW what works, what is available, what is trending, and what can be accomplished in the space and funds allowed.  Interior design specialists SAVE YOU MONEY & TIME.

In doing interior design for almost 30 years, I find TRUST is the key to good design and creating beauty.  My best clients truly know that I hear them and understand the things they are sharing with me.  They trust that I will narrow the options and bring them the best of the best for their particular space and look.  To quote one client “it’s beginning to feel like MY home.”  Did you miss the “MY” in that quote?  It is my joy and pleasure to help clients create the stage and atmosphere which reflect their personalities.

Much of what I do in interior design involves the following:

  • Color – is the one thing you can do for the least amount of money with the greatest impact. Just changing the color / tone in a room can create an entirely new atmosphere.  I can provide a small test while in your home to assist you in determining your color comfort zone.  Ask me about this when we set up your appointment.
  • Space Planning – I can use the furnishings you have and create a plan that will feature certain pieces or provide the greatest functionality for your space. Or, I can create the plan according to how you need to utilize the area and then determine exactly what new furnishings are needed.
  • Style – is majorly important whether you prefer bohemian, industrial, traditional, mid-century, minimalism, historic, eclectic or any mix of them. If you do not know what you like, or even what these words mean, I can still assist you.
  • kitchen cabinetsFurnishings – I can do the shopping for you and present the options to you or we can plan shopping time at certain locations. I am a wholesaler with a number of companies that provide accessories which include lighting, rugs, mirrors, art, occasional chairs, wallpapers, etc.  Additionally, I carry several lines of fabric and have access to designer showrooms for other lines. So we have many selections for re-upholstery of furniture pieces you desire to keep, for window treatments, for custom bed coverings, for outdoor pillows and more.
  • Interior Design— for your home can use almost anything. As my design client, you may have a vintage rug that tugs on your heart strings and it is the main piece of the room’s décor.   You may have a mid-century sofa that you found on E-bay that now needs to be reupholstered.  It could be a piece of art that you created or inherited that is the foundation of the room.  Whatever it is, I can create an interior design plan which incorporates any importance piece.

So, let me help you design your space by planning and executing something that thrills you. Let’s fashion and construct a space that says “this is really me” and that will reveal more of who you are to others.  Let’s set the stage for a more attractive and functional home that meets your needs in all forms and fashions of design and décor.  I am soooooo looking forward to assisting you!  Interior design is what I do.

All Pictures are Vickie McDaniel’s Interior Design Work