Residential Interior Design

residential interior design kitchen cabinetsResidential Interior Design is the heart and soul of my business.  And the heart and soul of your home is the space which is most important to you.  That is the space we want to start designing or redesigning first.  For some, this may be the family room and kitchen because that is where everyone congregates.  BUT it could be a library or project room that is tucked away from “where everyone congregates”.   Or the most important room for design for you may be the master bedroom where the calm and peace of its atmosphere brings you joy.  Whatever is the most special place in your home, that’s where together, we should start our residential interior design process.  We want to make sure the rest of the room is designed around what you like or care about most of all.

Residential Interior Design Should Reflect Your Style

People who have not used design assistance before may be fearful that it is overwhelming or too expensive.  However, MOST individuals do not do everything at one time.  We may begin your residential design with one or two rooms or perhaps by just rearranging one room while painting another a new color.  Some of my clients call back year after year and room after room.  Often  we become like family as their home starts to express their characters  more and more as we work together.  Always remember that “your home should reflect you and your personality”, not mine.   My unique gift is being able to help you feature your individual and particular style in the most stunning fashion.   I can make a room beautiful 1000 different ways, but for you to be happy in it for years to come, it must be based on your likes and dislikes, too.

Residential Interior Design Budget

residential interior design red chair fireplaceI like to REALLY LISTEN to my clients so that I can hear who they are and what they desire.  BUDGETS matter, so you should always provide a designer with a budget.  This assists in the planning and in getting you the most that your money can afford.   Who wants to spend all their money on one or two pieces and still have a room that is not cohesive and finished?  No one!  So by providing a budget up front, we are able to go to the resources that fit within the funds allotted.  As an example, we can spend thousands on a piece of art OR NOT!  I have art in my own home that was commissioned original art and I also have art that I found at a local missions shop.  I am sure that once framed, you can NOT determine which is which…  My goal is to make your home as beautiful as it can be regardless of your budget.  So to make your home reflect who you are and at a price you can afford, call Interiors by Vickie McDaniel.

All Pictures are Vickie McDaniel’s Interior Design Work