Art Deco, Natural Elements,Renewed Rustics & Other Trends Viewed at the Interior Design Markets!

November 14, 2017

art deco renewed rusticsOK, ladies and gents, my design brain is in overload!  I’ve been to markets and seminars, viewed so much and listened to the experts in their fields…  I now have MY conclusions on the interior design industry for the year.  Art Deco, natural elements, and renewed rustics were prevalent.  So, here we go!

Modern Art Deco

art deco rusticModern Art Deco meets the description of much of what I saw.  It may mean angular geometric lines or sleek continuous lines.  But regardless, it is a look that is stylized, clean, and smooth, often with lacquered finishes.  Art Deco was not called such until the 1960’s, but was actually birthed in Paris and was called Moderne.  It began in the early 1900’s.  Moderne has been reborn again!  It is a RICH look.  You can just imagine wearing the straight, dropped waist dress of the flapper era while entertaining on these elegant pieces of furniture.

Natural Elements

Natural Elements are combined with the Art Deco as in this photo that features a white lacquered table and a gold based bench with a soft pink walled background.  (Remember that pink is one of the colors for this year and WALLPAPER is making a major comeback!)  The center lamp is made of stones (natural elements) in pink and this, too has that shiny lacquered finish.  Sleekness in the table design continues to demand its presence while the lamps, both stone and shell-like, provide the Natural Elements.  All three lamps were topped with crystal finials and completed with clear acrylic bases.  Clear acrylic is EVERYWHERE!  Lucite is a trademarked name, as is Plexiglas.  Plexiglas, Acrylic and Lucite are often used interchangeably for these transparent looks.

Renewed Rustics

art deco natural elementsRenewed Rustics have been common in the past, but in a more industrial or cabin-like setting.  This trip around, Renewed Rustics became elegant as pieces were stained in a blackened finish with large brass hardware as featured in this console with contemporary black and gold art and gold lamps.  Renewed Rustics were featured in cream washes with gold and also with other lacquered finishes. Many of these would make great entry pieces for your foyer.

View the sofa photo.  A curvaceous sofa with delicate BRASS legs demands our attention in strong green Velvet.  We’ve probably not seen this forest green color since the late 80s, but this presentation is fresh and new.  AND YES, velvets and brass are present over and over again!  Even faucets are making a comeback in brass and in shiny chrome.  Once again, we are seeing a return to elegance.  Keep an eye out for velvets and brass in design for end of 2017.

art deco lampBold colors– this wonderful deep coral lamp with the gold metal finish base and the double shade caught my eye!!!  This design was featured in a number of colors including black and aqua. Colored shades (one company will even match our paint colors), double shades, shaped shades, metal toned shades, all were prominent in lighting.  Lighting is another item that can almost instantly change the atmosphere of a room.  Keep an eye on my shop window to see changing lamp looks throughout rest of the year.  Until next time, keep making your home more you with each year!!!  Vickie

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