Home Decor Trends: A Return To The Past

November 7, 2017

What was OLD is NEW once again!  Velvet fabrics, chairs with back interest, and wallpaper are among the latest home decor trends.  Really? Really!  Let me take you on a small design tour to show you this is real.

Home Decor Trends: Velvet

home decor trends velvetLet’s talk about velvet.  It has been a sign of nobility in the past and of luxury in our era!  Its origin was probably in the Far East and about the 14th century. Originally, it was made of linen, mohair, silk, or wool.  Today it may be made from rayon/silk, synthetics, or a combination of those.  Regardless, it is full, soft, and just rich both in its appearance and its feel.  The “hand” of velvet is so very different than any other fabric.   Regardless  whether your home is modern or of a vintage look, velvet can hold its own presence.  It is currently being used on very streamlined furnishings as well as historic designs.  Purchase it in new pieces or cover your personal possessions with it to bring this atmosphere of luxury to life in your home.  You can even use it as drapes as shown in the photo.  Velvet was also used in drapes centuries past as a product that kept the cold/heat out of the home because of its thickness.  No matter how you choose to use it, velvet is one of the most distinguished home decor trends of 2017.

Home Decor Trends:  Chair Backs

home decor trends chair backsChairs with “back interest” is exactly what it says.  In many of the space plans that we utilize in homes today, we have two chairs facing a sofa which often features the back of the chairs as they face the entrance to the room.  It’s a WOW presentation when you enter a room and see the attractive backs of these chairs.  Other times these chairs with amazing backs will flank the fireplace, being seen from the side which is also beautiful.  One of the featured chairs in the photos is new and in leather, while the other sits on the upholsterer’s table as it was just completed.  Let a interior designer help you include this look in your home and find that perfect combination of fabrics.

Home Decor Trends:  Wallpaper

home decor trends wallpaperWallpaper is back in a grand way; yes, it truly is!  The wallpaper may be Sultry and Subtle or LARGE and Dramatic (often in a geometric or large floral pattern).  The same pattern may be featured in both possibilities – sultry and subtle or large and dramatic as the photo featuring tone on tone with a shimmer and the same floral in black and white.  Drop by my showroom to sneak a peak of the possibilities.  Call me at 919-644-1933 to set an appointment.  How is it being used in the home?  It is most often featured as a dramatic powder room, master bath, or as the backdrop for the bed or sofa as a one wall accent.  You want to WOW with the paper, but not overwhelm!  Wallpaper is truly one of the hottest of all the home decor trends.

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