What Does an Interior Designer Do?

October 13, 2016

what does an interior designer do with materialsWhat does an interior designer do?  Most often, because of technology and access to designs from around the world, many of you already have a concept of HOW you want your home to look.  But, finding those resources may not be quite so easy.  Perhaps you’ve located a “piece” that you are “in love with,” but how to incorporate this very different furniture/lamp/art (or whatever it is) into your  home may be more difficult than you thought.  You may also KNOW the colors that you love, but not how to use various intensities of color to achieve the atmosphere that you desire.  These are just a few of the things designers can do for you.


Quite often you may be on the right path, but not have the backbone to go in the direction that your heart is leading.  As designers, we can visualize spatially just how something will look and lead you in making the appropriate decision; thus, saving you money from costly mistakes.  Most often, some of the right pieces already exist in the home, but perhaps in the wrong location, wrong room or even against the wrong color background.  Just having a designer for a simple consultation could improve your home without even purchasing anything new.

What Does an Interior Designer Do When Observing a Home

what does an interior designer do with flowersSo, what does an interior designer do?  Well, here is what happens when I come to your home:

  • You should be prepared to show me things that you like.  This could be art, fabric, rug, colors, even a blouse – anything that you already own that inspires you.  Feel free to use photos from magazines if you don’t have any actual items in your home that you love already.  The attached pictures show you just a few ideas:
    • These fabric selections stemmed from the colors in the photo of an oil painting inherited by client.
    • Another is a floral arrangement of the colors that one individual loved.
    • The last is a rug that guided all the decisions for a family room.
  • Show me the rooms of the home that you desire to give a new look.  Tell me your overall plan.  If there are other areas to do later on, give the complete tour now and then provide the time frames for your plan.  Some of the other areas not in the plan yet may influence what we do in the beginning.  Flow from one space to another is critical and knowing the entire picture is important.
  • What are your dislikes?  Too much square-ness, paisleys, pink, yellow or anything particular to you?  It helps to know these things in the beginning so that I can steer clear of pulling presentations that are immediately incorrect.
  • Remember, this is YOUR home and I’m here to assist in creating a space that reflects you.  So, please tell me about the atmosphere that you hope to create.  Do you love open airy spaces, cozy niches, or amazing collections?  Perhaps you are a minimalist or love the bold?  Maybe your comfort zone is the subtle or the tonal??? Whatever your desire, I’m here to create it with you.
  • Make sure that you have predetermined a price range of what you desire to spend at this juncture in time.  I can find beautiful things at all price ranges.  But let’s not spend our time pulling marble samples when the price range is for laminate.  It is not my desire to spend all the funding on one beautiful item, but to get a completed space for the money allotted.
  • ALL decision makers should be present for the meeting.  Is your partner ONLY assisting in determining the financial investment or does he/she want to be a part of the whole process?


Lots of things to consider.  Hiring a designer for an initial consultation will provide you most often with the realization that you really do need help.  A designer has an abundance of knowledge and resources that can keep your selections and budget in line to achieve the greatest possibilities for your investment.  I am looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams by having a home that reflects you and your personality!!!  What does an interior designer do?  Just that; help you create a home which reflects your personality.

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