Interior Design Styles: What’s Yours

October 13, 2016

interior design styles roomAs you might imagine, interior design styles are all over the spectrum.

What is my Style?

Wow, that is always such a difficult question to me.  Why?  Because My Style has nothing to do with your home design and style.

I have the capability of doing various style homes/rooms and want to always create variety and the unusual, the original.  I want every home that I work on to be different than any I have ever designed before.  I want each home to reflect the owner of that property and his/her personality and style.

It’s my ability to understand who you are and what you desire that is important to you.  Understanding that you have 4 kids (or 4 animals for that matter), but even so you still desire a simple elegance in your home – that’s important to you!  Or you need me to understand that you are a collector of LOTS of things, but you want it to be viewed as a collection and not just clutter.  I can help you accomplish this.  That’s important to you!  This is why interior design styles should be abundant.

Interior Design Styles from the Designer

But style is a legitimate question and at times, people do want to know MY Style.  My Style, hmmmm…  I believe my style to be one of comfortable sophistication, one of the many interior design styles.  I reside in a historic home, but truly love some contemporary looks, too.  AND to preach my own story which is “my home should reflect me, my husband and our personalities”, read on.

My home is well dressed, but inviting, historic yet contemporary and colorfully different in each space, yet flowing from room to room.  I like old chairs with new hip fabric, real bamboo poles with fabric tied on as accents, amazing lamps and lighting to create the ambiance that I desire, color painted on ceilings, rugs to ground each room, masculine lines with feminine curves, contemporary art and bold florals, just enough imperfection that it is perfect!

interior design styles paintingI love for each space to have a purpose that is noticed, logical, and appropriate for the home.  In a new home, this room might be called a media room.  It houses the television, laptop hook ups, bookshelves, and comfy furniture.  But, in my historic home, this room is called the library and houses all the same things.  It welcomes you just to the right off the foyer.   It contains a clean lined curved sofa, those vintage chairs with NEW fabric, both historic and contemporary lighting.  It is a cozy, warm space with woven shades and accent drapery panels featuring a large contemporary art piece by my dear friend, Jill Troutman.  This piece displays over the fireplace that is a soft painted aqua background with strong punches of red, black, and gold.  One that you just have to see to believe!  As you can tell, interior design styles can really express personality.

Both of us have home offices in our 1910 building.  Each reflects us.  His has numerous blue tones, geometric stained glass hanging in the window and ship art (he owns a sailboat) along with desk, treadmill, wing chair and bookshelves.

My home office is an aged buttery yellow with soft gray zebra print drapes and art with red accents.  There are anchoring touches of black and cream throughout.  It holds a desk, work table, magazines, fabric and fabric and more fabric.

And I am a collector of art, so my rooms do not just have one major art piece, but sometimes a wall collection with smaller pieces harmonized together including wall clocks, mirrors, sconces, or other things.  More to come later, but at least you have some idea of who I am for now and My Style!

There really are infinite number of interior design styles.  Now it’s your turn.  What’s your style?

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